A Mother’s Love
Author: Dawn K. Smith
Written: May 11, 1977

I remember dear Mother when I was quite small,
all the joyous moments you spent with us all.
I remember the times you would sit and read,
you always had time for each of our needs.

You were always there by my side,
when I was sick, you’d protect and guide.
Your hands were gentle and comforting then,
oh yes, you were my special friend.

I remember your voice would heed my call,
when I was afraid of things big and small.
Your arms would cuddle me oh, so tight,
and hold me till the dawn’s sweet light.

I remember dear Mother, your laugh so clear,
and your sweet voice was always near.
I’d run to you almost every day,
and you would never turn me away.

Oh, dear Mom, you were always there,
to tuck me in and say a prayer.
You never asked a thing of me,
yet carefully planted a delicate seed.

To help it grow day by day,
 you nourished it in a loving way.
Shedding your tears, you moistened the ground, 
fertilizing my life without a sound. 

Thank you Mom, for memories so dear,
for all you’ve given through the years.
You’ve given what none other can share,
blessed moments with a Mother who cared.

© Copyright 1977 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.

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