A Mother's love is endless 
with compassion for her children.
They put their trust in her 
as she guides their every step.
When adversity comes their way, 
she protects with caution,
Knowing they must learn through trials 
to survive earthly challenges. 

A mother holds her children's existence 
in the palm of her heart.
They look to her for approval 
in moments of impulse.
Yet a simple smile can influence her child 
to make right choices,
And the outcome of reaching a goal 
worth achieving is accomplished.  

A mother is an environment 
surrounding her offspring,
Blooming with wisdom 
as she seeks God's guidance.
Knowing He is the source 
of their existence,
She humbly submits to His love, 
Lordship and authority.

Dawn K. Smith
March 25, 2002
Copyright ©  2002

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