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Remember these promises you make this day, 
to love and cherish, trust and obey.
Two little words that forever stand,
kept in the palm of the Savior's hand... "I do".

Dawn Kathleen Smith

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith 
All rights reserved. 
Tools that make a marriage complete,
love and forgiveness you must seek.
Forgiveness will let the light shine through,
while love covers all of you.
Carry Jesus close to your heart,
to keep selfishness from taking a part.
For when it's built by the Master's hand,
storms arise, yet this house will stand.
Sometimes words get lost in time,
and the precious vows no longer bind.
A house that is built on sinking sand,
when self enters in it cannot stand.
Two hearts brought together to become one,
embraced in the likeness of His dear Son.
"I do" are the words that love has spoken,
with a golden band as its token.
Two Little Words