There’s coming a day when men will cry
Due to the evil deep inside.
They’ll gnash their teeth, in utter despair
From outer darkness, so please beware.

Learn from the rich man, who cries even now
If he could only escape somehow.
But all his riches could never suffice
To pay his way into paradise.

Lazarus, poor and full of sores
Ate the crumbs from the rich man’s floors.
From dawn until evening, he laid at this gate
Begging for food, which fell from a plate.

Death, touched both these men one day
But, Lazarus was carried up Abraham’s way.
Torments in flames, the rich man faced
No longer to receive God’s wondrous Grace.
A great gulf is fixed between Heaven and hell
That none shall pass, even those who fell.
Take heed to this warning and protect your soul
God’s only Son, to Him take hold!

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. SmithAll rights reserved.
Inspired from reading Luke 16:19-31
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