Rumors of war,
many will come saying, "It is I".
But do not believe, they only deceive
for I come in a cloud in the sky.

When you hear of these things, 
do not be alarmed,
for they must come to pass.
But be of good cheer, My coming is near
to take you home at last.
I warn you before hand, that you may see...
There'll be famines and earthquakes,
Great signs
Take heed!
Kingdom against kingdom, Nation against nation,
they'll deliver you up to tribulation.
Many false prophets, will lead many astray,
but he who endures to the end, will be saved.

When Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, 
"Take heed!"
Those in the mountains flee!
There'll be signs in the stars, 
the sun and the moon.
Learn from the fig tree, My coming is soon.
Take heed to yourself,
lest your hearts be weighed down,
with cares of this life,
and that day come upon.
But, watch at all times, and always pray,
for strength to escape, the things of these days.
Do not be afraid, when the time draws near.
I have over come, be of good cheer.
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I wrote this poem on February 26, 1980 after reading the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew.
© Copyright 2003 Inhisarms (UN: dawnsm at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.