We watched as you were given life
the day you entered this world
We all rejoiced to see your face
and took turns to cuddle you
An angel face with big brown eyes
We couldn’t help but love
A precious boy, God’s gift to us
yet, for only a little while
Had we’d known, we would have spent
more days in loving you
Fifteen months is not enough time
our hearts are broken too
Sweet, sweet baby loved by many
bringing joy to those around
Daddy and mommy’s precious bundle
you didn’t make a sound
Our God had called you to His arms
and there you’re ever bound.
Born January 27, 2007
Entered Heaven’s Doors April 26, 2008
Written for Caden's Going Home by Great Grandma Smith
Please visit Caden's Great Great Grandma's page. She never met Caden here on earth, but I know they are enjoying each other in heaven.
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