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Yes, my daughter, I remember the past
And the days that seemed to go by fast
I know it's hard for you to see
But, "my little girl", you'll always be.

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved
Look at you now, such a pretty sight
You've grown before me, it seems over night
You have special friends you want to see
And no longer can sit upon my knee.
There were times when we'd sing a silly song
And sometimes even dance along
The melody seemed so sweeter then
We shared the oneness of special friends.

I remember teaching you to ride a bike
A joyous look as you flew your kite
The funny times, we jumped in your pool
And the emptiness I felt, when you went to school.
I remember your "Happy Birthday" cake
You licked the spoon and helped me bake
Chocolate seemed to cover your face
But it wasn't long, 'till there was no trace.
I remember your smile, as you played so sweet
Even a teardrop on your cheek
How happy you were to tie your shoe
And the doll you held so close to you.

As I think of you daughter, I recall the past
Your childhood years that went so fast
The times I held you close to me
The times you cried, "Oh mama, please?"