Michigan, a place where my life began
Where running waters filter the land
Her complexion so bold, as red, yellow, gold
What a beautiful sight to behold!
Her wonderland colors, come in the fall
Just before winter starts to call
From the meadows of green, to glistening white
Her face is covered over night.

She brings a friend from far away
Frosty is back, for kids to play
Music seems to fill the air
While snowflakes fall without a care.
Michigan, a place where life begins
Now frozen lakes and fishermen
Sloping ski runs, beckon the call…
Wooing many, large and small.
Then in the spring, she turns around
With seeds of colors, to cover her ground
Fragrance now inhabits the air
As springtime, radiates everywhere.
Enticingly, she courts us for a while
Tempting summertime, with her smile
Michigan, a place where life begins
Renewing seasons with old friends.
© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith  All rights reserved.
Written 11/12/93
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