From a tiny little princess, you became a beauty queen
Your flair for life shined as you walked through every scene
You took the world head-on with its sorrow and pain
By laughter and courage you bravely overcame
One day you were challenged by a horrible disease
You were quite young and won that battle with ease
You showed us the mighty strength you had deep within
To be a soldier and what it takes for everyone to win
You grew to face another war in your life as a young lady
With many scars you must endure seeking strength daily
Needing help from someone who you knew really cared 
Mother and daughter woven together by a kidney they would share
But the war was not yet over, and your strength indeed surpassed
Through pain and through weakness, bravery was unmasked
Showing others and the world what a soldier must be
Again towards the front lines to fight in another scene
Brother and sister coupled together, taking a stand
A kidney in love was given, facing the battle at hand
Victory emerged yet another day
As you conquered again putting the enemy at bay
This was not the last battle you would have to win 
And time was needed to recover yet again
Days to laugh and share with friends, 
Family to love and make amends
Independent now and in your own special place
But once again a battle you would have to face
Unexpectedly it would take you to that heavenly shore
Where the voices of victory shout ever more
The last battle you faced had already been won
On a hill called Golgotha by God’s only Son
You didn’t face it alone, He was already there
For this battle was won by a Father who cares.
© Copyright 2012, Dawn K. Smith
Written February 4, 2012
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