Proverbs 21:17
He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.

In the metropolitan area of my hometown, before casinos were a source of "entertainment", those in authority knew our city was loosing much money on the other side of the bridge to Canada. By the carloads, people drove there to gamble, drink, eat and spend their money frivolously.

During that time commercials bombarded our local television stations, advertising just how great it would be to have our own casinos, and thus bring in much revenue for Detroit. Everyone would benefit, were words tossed around through the media and thus the plans began. New jobs would arise and customers from other states would patronize our city, so three casinos were built.

It all seemed good, if you're looking at it through the eyes of one who loves pleasure. But it wasn't long before we started seeing a different type of commercial, one with an emphasis dramatizing the other side of gambling.

When I was young, my Dad enjoyed playing cards with "friends" at a local bar. Many times he would blow his entire paycheck in one evening. There were bills to be paid and children at home who didn't have enough covers for the cold winter's night. Yet, this wasn't as important to him as the thrill of gambling.

Roll the Dice

Gamble to your hearts content
All your labor will be spent
Roll the dice and spin the wheel
Count the cards and make a deal
Loving pleasure, drinking wine
Soon a poor man you will find
These are tools the Devil will use
No one wins, but many loose.

Dear Heavenly Father, many are caught in the clutches of pleasure and few find a way out, until it's too late. By then everything is gone, even their loved ones. Lord, your mercy endures forever and your arms reach out to the lowest. Be with those who are struggling, lift them out of despair. Give them the strength and willpower to turn from the ways of the world and commit their life to you. Open their spiritual eyes and save their soul. Let them see how much you love them in Christ, and set them free from the sin of gambling, which has kept them in bondage. For it's in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen. 

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.