Lord, underneath my Christmas tree,
are special gifts you’ve given me.
You’ve given your life to make me whole,
by washing clean my sin stained soul.
With the gift of love, you’ve cuddled my sighs,
and wrapped your arms around my cries.
With the gift of faith you’ve let me know,
that even the smallest seed can grow.
The gift of trust has let me see,
that I must always depend on Thee.
The gift of hope in another day,
has given me joy to trust and obey.
And a special gift is the gift of peace,
such a heavenly gift that will not cease.
Yes my Lord, underneath my tree,
are all the gifts you’ve given me.
Life, love, faith and trust,
hope and peace for all of us.
© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. SmithAll rights reserved.
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