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If any of these people look familiar to you, please tell them about this website. I told them I would be putting them on it, but did not have the URL at the time.
This was taken of a store front wall in down town New York. Many heart-breaking memories.
Our friendly soldiers willing to have their picture taken. You
can be proud of those who protect our country.
NYPD not sure about having their picture on the internet, or was it they weren't sure I was really going to put it there?
I know these pictures are dark, but if you look towards the light, you can see where ground zero is still smoldering. You could also feel grit on your teeth if your face wasn't covered.
Here is a closer look from the same street. You could only get as close as a block from Ground Zero. They have it all roped off for safety and protection. It was towards evening, so the light wasn't good for taking pictures. Notice the last dark building on the right, all the windows were missing. It looked like a building that had been on fire and ready to come down.
Here is a picture of a very friendly soldier who I gave my poem to called, "A Soldier". Actually it was a printed copy of a page on my old website. I told him I would put his picture on this site, but I didn't have the correct URL address to give him. If you know this man, please send him to this site. "Where are you, soldier?"
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Below are pictures people have sent me or found on the web. If any have copyrights, please let me know and I will delete them.