Dear Heavenly Father, people seem to hurt those whom they love, and many want to blame others for their sins. In your word it says to confess and forsake them and we shall have mercy. How different a person can be, knowing their sins are forgiven. Peace and joy can fill a soul that was once inflamed with anger, and forgiveness comes from knowing Jesus in a personal way. He is the One who showed me forgiveness, and He is the One who taught me how to forgive. I love you Lord and I praise you for all you’ve done for me. In Your precious name I pray and give Thee thanks, Amen.
Proverbs 28:13
He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.
There are many reasons people use to make excuses for their bad actions. (Sins) Take for instance the sin of anger/outrage. I have heard a person say, “I act this way because… and so I guess I learned it from him.” Thus, making excuses for themselves and blaming others for their actions. The list can go on and on for many, because they see no wrong in what they think, say, or do. They have no conscience or consideration for those they are hurting. The only thought they have is a selfish one, one that gratifies and pleases their desires and inadequacies for the moment.
Abuse comes in many forms and has no manners concerning its victims. Yet the innocent carry the weight of anger caused by the guilty. They have no realization that their inner emotions and feelings of hate could also manifest itself in repeating some of the same characteristics as their abuser. Therefore, they hide their feelings and eventually these symptoms or tendencies emerge in numerous ways. Symptoms such as alcohol, unfaithfulness, drugs, immorality, they also become workaholics, absorbed in their jobs as if no one or nothing else matters. Eventually the victim points his/her finger at the abuser as the cause for their actions and never takes blame.
Coming from an abusive childhood, reflections of yesteryear are but a few. I guess forgiving is the answer to bad memories fading away. Or maybe they’re just buried in the closet of my mind. Either way, healing only comes when we realize our actions, our anger, our thoughts, our attitude, our sins, are just that…OURS. No one else’s!
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