And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.
(1 Corinthians 3:1) 

Have you ever noticed the reaction of an animal when they see or hear something unusual or different than what they’re use to hearing or seeing? They stop, look, and listen. Some will run away, some will sniff; some even roll over and play dead, while others stiffen up and freeze in their stance. Some will puff themselves up, trying to look bigger than they are, and others seem to make a growling sound as if to try and ward off whatever it is that’s bothering them. Then there’s some that could care less and go about their daily business as usual. Did I say animals do this? Hum, it seems to describe some of us humans as well. We don’t like change in our lives. We don’t like getting out of our comfort zone, and when faced to have to do it, our reaction isn’t any different than animals.

As Christian’s we should always be changing, moving, listening, and looking up. We should never stop obeying or doing what the Lord has given us to do. Our lives should be different from when we first got saved; there should be signs of growth or maturity. Others should be able to see the difference in how we react to challenges given us. Do we play dead, freeze or stiffen up as if God is not speaking to us or not in control?  Some of us may growl at times, not wanting to go or do what the Lord wants for us. Little children do the same thing when asked to do something that interferes with their play time. Ask a child to put their toys away or come in from outside for dinner and see what happens. They grumble and say they’re not hungry; they even pretend they don’t hear us or take their good old time in reacting. We’re not to stay small or childlike; we’re to continually grow in our Christian walk. A child doesn’t continually drink milk from a bottle, nor does he continue to eat soft mushy food. Sooner or later meat and raw vegetables are added to his diet for his own good, growth and well being. Some of God’s children remain little babes, and their character proves this fact to be true. They are still crawling around in a carnal state.

March 14, 2009
Copyright © 2009 Dawn K. Smith
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