Glory to God in the highest,
for all that He has given men.
This babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
will set us free from all our sins. 
“Fear not”, the angel said to them,
good tidings of great joy I bring.
A Savior, which is Christ the Lord,
of which all earth and heaven shall sing.
A little babe born in a manger;
Mary and Joseph hold Him near.
Shepherds keeping their watch by night,
 when an angel of the Lord appeared.
© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.
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Come and see this new born son,
for unto us He is given
Come to Bethlehem every one,
this perfect gift was sent from Heaven. 
Another year passed by quickly, 
and I wonder where has it gone? 
It seems like yesterday I was singing, 
 all my favorite Christmas songs.

I remember hearing about my Jesus,
the music seemed to fill the air.
Whenever I heard the Christmas carols, 
my heart rejoiced that He was there.