There was a brave young soldier,
who went to fight a war.
He knew that in this battle,
peace would be restored. 

All the innocent of the land,
is whom he would set free.
But in this battle he stood alone,
to face the enemy.

Darkness swept throughout the land,
he counted not the cost.
But knew that if he did not go,
lives would be lost.

So, to the front against the foe,
he held his banner high.
And though his breath of life would end,
victory reigned the sky.

A volunteer is all it took,
one life at Calvary.
When Jesus shed His blood that day,
He died for you and me.

Just one man to pay the price,
of setting all men free.
In laying down his life for all,
He gave his all for thee.

Dawn K. Smith
Written January 1, 1991
© Copyright 2002 Inhisarms (UN: dawnsm at Writing.Com). 
All rights reserved. 

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