A Simple Message

Just a simple little message
To soothe a wounded child in need
Just a tender loving message
Showering those she loves to please
She sings a lull-la-by
As she tucks beneath their feet
And wipes a tearful eye
While she strokes a quivering cheek
And with this simple little message
All her children fall to sleep.

Just a simple little message
Caressing sparkling little eyes
And with this tender loving message
Fearful visions soon subside
Mother secures their weary hearts And satisfies their needs
They no longer fear unknown
Triumphantly they'll succeed
With just a simple loving message
Frightened hearts are now relieved.

It's a loving kind of message
Takes away our fears and sin
What a simple little message
To open your heart to Him
When Jesus died at Calvary
To set all lost souls free
His arms were widely open
Embracing you and me
What a simple little message
One that sets the sinner free!

Dawn K. Smith
© Copyright 1997 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.
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