Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to You our troops, 
as they face the enemy in foreign lands. 

Fill them with hope as they go against evil, 
that their purpose for fighting is forever in their minds...
to set the captives free.

 Guide and direct their every step, protect their  ways and give them energy as needed. 

Go before them Lord, be their 
Leader, Guide, and Commander. 

May our troops find rest in Thee, as they 
start each day, seeking direction in this war. 

Be with those who have been captured.
 Father, my heart grieves for them, because the enemy is ruthless, having no pity or mercy, 
not even on their own. 

I pray for our servicemen and women who are in the enemy's hands. I pray for their lives and the strength to endure. 

I pray for their salvation, and ask that they are not stricken from this earth, without knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

Father, I also pray for the enemy and those 
who are fighting against us. Open their eyes to spiritual truth, and enlighten them concerning their evil leaders.

 May they flee and give up fighting, 
and quit using the innocent in their battles as shields. 

Confuse them and bring our enemies down, that they surrender willingly. 

Through this O Lord, may You receive all the glory. For I ask this in Jesus' precious name, Amen.

Written 3/27/03
Dawn K. Smith

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.
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