It’s nice to reflect on a year that has past, 
but better to look forward to the new. 
It’s naive to think that things never change, 
when in fact it’s inevitable they do.
Corruption seems to be affluent at times, 
selling a soul for even a dime. 
Advancing by greed, and crafty schemes; 
accomplishing a goal by any means.
Lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God, 
capturing the innocent on whom they trod.
Despising the good, they have no shame, 
preferring the righteous take the blame.

Persecutions and afflictions come our way, 
and evil worsens day by day.
As the New Year turns her other face, 
deliverance comes from God’s merciful grace. 
His hand is not shortened that it cannot save, 
and He will deliver in that day.
His ears are turned to His children’s cries, 
and those who do evil will surely die.
Inspired by 2 Timothy 3; 4 and Isaiah 59:1

© Copyright 2003 Dawn K. Smith All rights reserved.
Song by our ladies trio: Vicki, Debbie and Marilee
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Our world gets older with each passing day, 
vulnerable to elements, which come her way.
Her appearance has changed over the years, 
and her demeanor has caused a lot of tears.
Trials and challenges this New Year will bring, 
yet it won’t be long and we’ll see our King.
May we fight a good fight, and keep the faith, 
a crown of righteousness that day awaits.