Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. 
Proverbs 31:30
Beauty comes in various sizes and colors, from infancy to those in their golden years. It’s only an outside covering of what is inside a person. A veil, an outward appearance of what others believe you are. It’s a portrait of what others judge your character by, and it’s deceitful because this image can change at any time. Remember how you use to look when you were a teenager? Hopefully you haven't carried that look into adulthood! I know some women and even men have, and they look foolish wearing things that are not appropriate for their age or size. Real beauty though, is found on the inside where only God can see. It’s the heart of a person, the voice of the soul, seeking the righteousness of God to be done in their very existence.  
A woman who fears (loves) the Lord, though her outward appearance be fading away with wrinkles and gray hair, is as beautiful as a new born baby. She is someone who shares her heartaches with her Heavenly Father, someone who tries to live a life not only pleasing to God, but one that reflects the love of God in all she does. She is a person of convictions. She doesn’t live by the world’s standards, but by the word of God. She trusts her Heavenly Father knows best, not only for her, but her family as well. Her faith is in God, and she knows one day she will see him because of her Savior, Jesus Christ. She knows the life she is living here on earth is but for a moment, and she must be wise in the things she chooses to do, while there is still time. 
Women, who fear the Lord, know beauty is vain. It’s the outward appearance Hollywood caters to, as they manipulate to get the perfect figure and tighten the sagging faces with cosmetic surgery. It’s a falsehood the world created to lure young girls, teens, and women into being something shallow, empty, foolish and superficial. When beauty from within one’s soul radiates, it touches others with God’s love and is natural, not fake or deceptive. This kind of beauty is not man made, but created by God, and nourished by his Word. This kind of beauty is real; this kind of beauty is praised. 

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What are you reflecting in your life, the outward beauty or the inward beauty? Which do you spend more time doing in preparing for the day? Which is more important to you? Which is more important to God? I’m not saying we shouldn’t take care of our outward appearance, but we should not neglect our inner self either. I have seen beautiful women with ugly attitudes, you have seen them too. I have also seen other women, who are not very pretty, but beauty just seemed to radiate from their countenance everywhere they went, and you could tell they spent time with the Lord. My challenge to you is this: For every minute you spend preparing your physical body for the day, such as bathing, dressing, putting on makeup, curling your hair, etc.; I challenge you to give the same amount of time to your spiritual body as well, by reading God’s word and by spending time in prayer with the Lord. There will be a change in your life and you too will be one who radiates. You too will be the person others will say, “She is beautiful, inside and out!” 

©2010 Dawn K. Smith