We miss you
We love you
We’ll see you again.

Copyright© 2009 Dawn K. Smith

This poem is dedicate to my sweet sister-in-law, Betty
Written September 25, 2009 for her Memorial

A beautiful lady came our way
Bringing joy to many souls
 We were all touched by her
In ways that have not all been told
She loved her life, and family
Thanking God for what she had
And never missed a moment
To make a sad heart glad
God has you now in heaven with Him
You’re walking the streets of gold
Embracing those who you have missed
Now once again to hold
We can only imagine the joy you feel
Seeing your Mom and Dad once more
Holding Steven in your arms
After you entered Heaven’s door
If you could speak to us today
I know the word’s you’d say
Heaven’s door is open to all
And Jesus is the way
If you could speak to us again
I know you’d say believe
God gave His only Son for all
If we would just receive
February 21, 1926 - August 20, 2009
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